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Stories about Alamosa, Colorado originally published in the San Luis Valley Courier
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Okinawa: The Last Battle: An Essay

 Lou Drummeter's January 2005 reviews - Available as Volume 14
See list at left - Volume 12 as of Jan 2004 and Volume 13 as of July 2004
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You have arrived at a web site that should have something for nearly everyone. It was originally established to give a showcase to Lou Drummeter's book reviews. This is the main feature and the one of most general interest. Click on the intro to Lou Drummeter to the left and get a short introduction to a most interesting and genial man, one that I have known and extravagantly admired for many decades. His reading reveals only one very small facet of a most unusual personality and career. 
    Very sadly Lou passed away very unexpectedly in March of this year (2008). We, who knew him personally, will miss him greatly. All who read his warm and insightful reviews will surely feel deprived as well

The Irish Connection:
A New story on this site
Eric the Slow Fairy
 by Johnny Mack Hood

My wife, Barbara, likes to claim that she is Irish by marriage on her uncle Pete's side. Barbara grew up in Chicago and was very close to the Irish side of the family. Her mother was English/German by extraction and her father pure English - actually imported direct from England - by way of Canada. Family discussions have recently centered on trying to understand the history of the "Irish Troubles" and the massive immigration into America of the Irish following the "Great Hunger" of 1846-49. A complete concise history of Ireland can be found on the web. For a brief excerpt try this. Jerry Desmond.
Desmond's web site with his complete work can be accessed by clicking below. After opening, right click anywhere in the text and select "open in new window" for easier reading.

Hood/Tinling Family Genealogy

The easiest way to distribute to relatives here and there the little I have been able to find out about the Hoods of Kentucky is to put it here for all to see. We have left out the horse thieves and others of like ilk. But who knows, maybe the casual visitor will find that he is related. What a thrill that would be for us all.

I have recently added my Mother's side of the family to the genealogy section. The name is Tinling - Tinlin - Tinline, a Scottish name. All spellings are for the same family. The family came from Scotland by way of New York and settled in Southern Ontario. They spread from there to the Northern tier of the United states and eventually to the West Coast - Washington State and California. The earliest known antecedent was John Tinling who married Margaret Wright in New York. My Grandfather, Charles Franklin Milton Tinling was a railroad man. My mother was born in 1889 in Billings Montana. I have some original writings describing recommendations he was making in the 1800's for routing freight in the Northern tier of states - Washington, Idaho, Utah, Montana, etc. - They eventually settled in Riverside Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

Then there are the Model Airplanes;
There are a lot of good web sites for model aircraft organizations with lots of pictures.   An excellent club with lots of action all year is the The First Weedwacker Aero Squadron whose field is just above Lakeside across the road from the High School playing fields in the mountains back of San Diego.

The lakeside club site can be accessed at  -

  San Diego Silent Electric Flyers can be accessed on their website -

 John Hood with "Shoestring"

 The Model Aircraft photos shown in the links below are example of the excellent skills of some of the top modelers in the San Diego Area. Please note my new e-mail address below.


Model Aircraft
A link
to an index of model aircraft pictures.

Most of these photos were made at the Cactus Park field where The First Weedwacker Aero Squadron does their flying in Lakeside, CA, just across Ashwood Road from the Lakeside High School playing fields.
The Weedwackers is a premier Model Aircraft club that sports some of the best scale model craftsmen in the field and a club that sponsors air racing, swap meets, and special scale meets that attract flyers from the entire region.
Flying usually is at its peak in the AM (after 9) and visitors are welcome. There is plenty of parking and a toilet on site.

Here is a new place for Navy guys. How about a peek at Carrier life in about 1937 aboard the Saratoga - Nothing but biplanes - and no war - yet. Click here