Lou's Reviews

My very good friend, Lou Drummeter, from the Washington D.C. area is a prodigious and catholic reader who writes very pithy and entertaining reviews of all that he reads - several books a week on average. He considers any book worth a 100 page read. If he likes it he finishes it and writes his one paragraph review. These musings of his have a very personal and often humorous flavor. You will like them even if you never get around to the book. Look up the authors you like (or dislike) and enjoy what Lou has to say about them.

Volume 1 - - Author list 1   Real entertainment

Volume 2 - Author list 2 - Some "killer" reviews

Volume 3 - Author list 3 - These reviews just get better

Volume 4 - Author list 4 - Posted in Feb 2000

Volume 5 - Author list 5 - End of Feb 2000

Volume 6 - Author list 6 - Try the John Updike tale

Volume 7 - Author list 7 - MURDER!  (she and he wrote)