Abrahams,P.; The Fury of Rachael Monette
 Adams,A.; After the War
 Adams,N; Far Appalachia
 Altman,J; A Gathering of Spies
 Barreca;R.; Too Much of a Good Thing is Wonderful

 Black;E.; IBM And The Holocaust
 Clark;J; Unexplained!
 Greeley,A.; Irish Love
 Hamilton,J.M.; Casanova Was a Book Lover
 Hoag,T,; A Thin Dark Line

 Hoffman,A.; River King
 Jance,J.A.; Birds of Prey
 Karon,J.; A Common Life
 Kellerman,F.; Stalker
 Knight,J.M.; Charlotte in Giverny

 Luard,E.; Emerald
 McCaffrey,A.; The Skies of Pern
 McCrumb;S.; The PMS Outlaws
 Parker,R.B.; Potshot
 Pears,I.; The Immaculate Deception

 Perry,A.; Half Moon Street
 Pool,D.; What Jane Austin Ate and Charles Dickens Knew
 Schanker,D.R.; Natural Law
 Vidal,G; The Smithsonian Institution
 Viorst;J,; Suddenly Sixty

 Weinberg,S.; A Fish Caught in Time
 Weldon,F.; Rhode Island Blues