Volume 8

Author Index
(This short list is in the same order as the reviews)

Outlaw Mountain; J.A.Jance
Ghostly Murders:The Priest's Tale of Mystery and Murder As He Goes on
Alien Abductions: Creating a Modern Phenomenon; Terry Matheson (NF)
Hermit's Peak; Michael McGarrity (series)
Flat Lake in Winter; Joseph T. Klempner
The Fighting Agents; W.E.B. Griffin (series)
The Secret Parts of Fortune:Intense Investigations and Edgy Enthusiasms; Ron Rosenbaum (NF)
Eyewitness to Power:The Essence of Leadership:Nixon to Clinton; David Gergan (NF)
He Shall Thunder In The Sky; Elizabeth Peters (series)
The Truth About The Irish; Terry Eagleton (NF)
True Justice; Robert K. Tanenbaum (series)
Finding My Voice; Diane Rehm (autobig.)
Code To Zero; Ken Follett
Shattered; Dick Francis
Purple Cane Road; James Lee Burke (Series)
Unsolved Mysteries of History:An Eye-Opening Investigation into the Most
Baffling Events of All Time; Paul Aron (NF)
If Only It Were True; Marc Levy (Fantasy)
Shooting Chant; Aimee & David Thurlow (series)
Blood Money:A Novel; Thomas Perry (series)
Here On Earth; Alice Hoffman
Love Thy Neighbor:A Story Of War; Peter Maass (NF)
Bone Poems; Jeff Moss NF?
Charing Cross Road; Helene Hanff NF
The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street; Helene Hanff pb NF
Q's Legacy; Helene Hanff pb NF