Volume 3 Author List

Rueful Death; Susan Wittig Albert

Cold Case; Linda Barnes
Endangered Species; Nevada Barr
Organizing Genius:The Secrets of Creative Collaboration; Warren Bennis and Patricia Ward Biederman
Dead Season:A Story of Murder and Revenge on the Philippine Island of Negros; Alan Berlow
Hitler's U-Boat War:The Hunters 1939-1942; Clair Blaire
Specimen Song; Peter Bowen
Sicken and So Die; Simon Brett
Memory; Lois McMaster Bujold

The Angel of Darkness; Caleb Carr
Apaches; Lorenzo Carcaterra
Ender's Game; Orson Scott Card
The Genesis Code; John Case
War and Peas; Jill Churchill
A Spy For All Seasons:My Life In The CIA; Duane R. Clarridge with Digby Diehl
Trunk Music; Michael Connelly
Family Values; K.C. Constantine
Chromosome 6; Robin Cook
The Power of One; Bryce Courtenay
Airframe; Michael Crichton
A Reporter's Life; Walter Cronkite
Dreaming of the Bones; Deborah Crombie

Sweepers:A Novel of Suspense; P.T. Deutermann
    The Mistress of Spices; Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

The Dead Horse Paint Company; Earl Emerson
The Speed of Sound:Hollywood and the Talkie Revolution 1926-1930; Scott Eyman

Likely to Die; Linda Fairstein
Prisons of Light: Black Holes; Kitty Ferguson
The Third Twin; Ken Follett
The Bum's Rush; G.M. Ford
Saturn Rukh; Robert L. Forward
10 Lb. Penalty: Dick Francis

Deception on His Mind; Elizabeth George
The Dazzle of Day; Molly Gloss
Lethal Genes; Linda Grant
Star Bright:A Christmas Story; Andrew M. Greeley
Summer at the Lake; Andrew M. Greeley
The Case Has Altered; Martha Grimes

Where Wizards Stay Up Late:The Origins of the Internet; Katie Hafner and Matthew Lyon
Snow in August; Pete Hamill
The Murder of Edgar Allan Poe; George Egon Hatvary
Stones from the River; Ursula Hegi
The President's Daughter; Jack Higgins
Borderliners; Peter Hoeg

The Perfect Storm:A True Story of Men Against the Sea; Sebastian Junger

Los Alamos; Joseph Kanon
Out to Canaan; Jan Karon
Fathers Club; Jon Katz
The Clinic; Jonathan Kellerman
Serpent's Tooth; Faye Kellerman
Esau; Philip Kerr
A Letter of Mary; Laurie R. King

The Dealings of Daniel Kesserich:A study of the Mass Insanity at Smithville; Fritz Leiber
Smoke and Mirrors:Violence,Television, and Other American Cultures; John Leonard
The Sunday Morning Macaroni Club; Steve Lopez
Bloodhounds; Peter Lovesey

The Great Wheel; Ian R. MacLeod
The Bootlegger's Daughter; Margaret Maron
Killer Market; Margaret Maron
The Ragman's Memory; Archer Mayor
Eternity Road; Jack McDevitt
Mexican Hat; Michael McGarrity
The Witch Doctors:Making Sense of the Management Gurus; John Micklethwait & Adrian Wooldridge
 Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman; Walter M. Miller
Night of Broken Souls; Thomas F. Monteleone

Strong as Death; Sharon Newman

 Stone Angel; Carol O'Connell
Panther in the Basement; Amos Oz

The Dollmaker's Daughters; Abigail Padgett
Night Passage; Robert B. Parker
The Club Dumas; Arturo Pérez-Reverte, translated by Sonia Soto
Weighed in the Balance; Anne Perry
Seeing a Large Cat; Elizabeth Peters
Invention by Design:How Engineers Get From Thought to Thing; Henry Petroski
Dickens' Fur Coat and Charlotte's Unanswered Letters: Rows and Romances of England's Great Victorian Novelists; Daniel Pool
Reliquary; Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

Road Rage; Ruth Rendell
Deadly Feasts:Tracking the Secrets of a Deadly New Plague; Richard Rhodes
The Butter Did It; Phyllis Richman
Straight Man; Richard Russo
Virus X:Tracking the New Killer Plagues Out of the Present and Into the Future; Frank Ryan

The Island of the Colorblind and Cyclid Island; Oliver Sacks
McNally's Gamble; Lawrence Sanders
Wizard:The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla / Biography of a Genius; Marc J. Seifer
Liberating the Gospels:Reading the Bible with Jewish Eyes:Freeing Jesus From 2,000 Years of Misunderstanding; John Shelby Spong
In A Heartbeat; Eric Stone

The Family Tree; Sherri S. Tepper

The History of Money:From Sandstone to Cyberspace; Jack Weatherford
Siberian Light; Robin White
Death of a Sunday Writer; Eric Wright