Piano Lessons:Music, Love & True Adventures; Noah Adams
Murder in Grub Street; Bruce Alexander

All Souls Rising;Madison Smartt Bell
The Messiah Stones; Irving Benig
Range of Motion; Elizabeth Berg
The Reckless Decade: America in the 1890s; H.W. Brands
Act of Betrayal; Edna Buchanan
Cetaganda; Lois McMaster Bujold

The First Man; Albert Camus; translated by David Hapgood
Pastwatch:the Redemption of Christopher Columbus; Orson Scott Card
Bloodstream; P.M. Carlson
Beyond the Grave:The Right Way and Wrong Way to leave your money to your children and others; Gerald M. Condon, Esq. & Jeffrey L. Condon, Esq.
Beach Music; Pat Conroy
Shock Wave; Clive Cussler

The Memory Cathedral: A Secret History of Leonardo Da Vinci; Jack Dann
Mind Hunter; John Douglas and Mark Olshaker
The Two Georges; Richard Dreyfuss & Harry Turtledove
Managing in a Time of Change; Peter Drucker

The Island of the Day Before; Umberto Eco (translated from the Italian)
The Christmas Box; Richard Paul Evans

The Death of an Ardent Bibliophile; Bartholomew Gill
Dinosaur in a Haystack:Reflections in Natural History, Stephen J. Gould
Enigma; Robert Harris
RookeryBlues; Jon Hassler
Watch Me; A.J.Holt

Blood and Rubles; Stuart M. Kaminsky
A Light in the Window; Jan Karon
The Last Housewife: A Suburban Detective Mystery; Jon Katz
The Web; Jonathan Kellerman
Justice; Faye Kellerman
A Monstrous Regiment of Women; Laurie R. King

The Fires of Midnight; Jon Land
The Sixth Extinction:Patterns of Life and the Future of Humankind; Richard Leakey and Roger Lewin
Death in Still Waters: A Chesapeake Bay Mystery; Barbara Lee
NOT Out Of Africa:How Afrocentrism Became An Excuse To Teach Myth As History; Mary Lefkowitz
Family Business; Michael Z. Lewin
Code Name: Gentkill: A Novel of the FBI; Paul Lindsay

The Summons; Peter Lovesey
Love Thy Neighbor:A Story of War; Peter Maass
The Odd Job; Charlotte MacLeod
ArabianNights & Days; Naguib Mahfouz; translated by Denys Johnson-Davies
Come, Tell Me How You Live; Agatha Christie Mallowan
Task Force Blue; Richard Marcinko and John Weisman
Fugitive Colors: A Sigrid Harald Mystery; Margaret Maron
A Dog's Life; Peter Mayle

Child of Silence; Abigail Padgett
The Fatal Partner; Jake Page
Fatal Defect: Chasing Killer Computer Bugs; Ivars Peterson

Simisola: An Inspector Wexford Mystery; Ruth Rendell
Shinju;Laura Joh Rowland
The Moor's Last Sigh; Salmon Rushdie

An Anthropologist on Mars: Seven Paradoxical Tales; Oliver Sacks
Days of Drums; Philip Shelby
The Stone Diaries; Carol Shields
MOO; Jane Smiley

Corruption of Blood; Robert Tanenbaum
The Kingdom by the Sea; Paul Theroux
GrowingUp: A Novel; Angela Thirkell
The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4; Sue Townsend
The Rector's Wife; Joanna Trollope